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Playstation (PSX)
by ASCII Entertainment Software
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Developed by FromSoftware, Inc. Released Nov 20, 1996 Also For PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita Published by ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc. ESRB Rating Teen Genre Action, Role-Playing (RPG) Setting Fantasy Perspective 1st-person Description A storm runs through the kingdom of Verdite, taking away the precious Moonlight Sword and spreading evil throughout the land. Players take on the role of Lyle, the king's son, in his quest to retrieve the Moonlight Sword and save the kingdom and his father....
Topics: 1 player games, ESRB rating T, Fantasy, RPG
Playstation (PSX)
by Blizzard Entertaiment
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Developed by Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Blizzard North Released Mar, 1998 Also For Macintosh, Windows Published by Electronic Arts, Inc. ESRB Rating Mature Pacing Real-Time Genre Role-Playing (RPG) Gameplay Action RPG, Hack and Slash Visual 2D scrolling, Isometric Perspective Bird's-eye view Interface Point and Select Setting Fantasy Description Long ago a secret war raged between Heaven and Hell, each using humanity as its pawns. While the Prime Evils of Hell were engaged in war their lesser...
Topics: 1-2 player games, ESRB rating M, Fantasy, Isometric, RPG
Classic PC Games
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"The one that started it all returns to once again redefine the standards of the interactive Dungeon experience. From the trap-filled dungeons of Skullkeep to the storm ravaged villages above, you'll enter a gaming experience that will challenge you like nothing before. Commanding your party of warriors, you'll enter the most intelligent and realistic role-playing world ever created. Featuring an all-new version of the interface that defined point-and-click and a gaming world that is...
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Topics: DOS games, Vintage computer games, Role playing games